What’s Really Going on with Hilary’s Health? A Neuro-Center ICU Nurse Gives His Opinion in a Letter to Steve Quayle


Hi Steve

I have been tracking Hillary’s neuro problem’s since she showed up to a hearing with coke bottle glasses to invert her vision to normal. The main stream media blew it off a nothing I took it as a sign of a very serious major brain trauma. I have worked as a neuro ICU nurse at a major west coast Prestigious Neurological Center. This is only the 4th case of inverted vision I have seen. It is rare and does not reverse.

In the article INVERTED OR TILTED PERCEPTION DISORDER it is described as a rare disorder.

So what other symptoms will she have or is prone to, Seizures, memory lose, early onset dementia, prolong sleeping, depression, outburst in behavior. Some of these symptoms may be a part of her psycological makeup but can be exagerated with traumatic brain injury, Notice her behavior when she blows up and says I don’t care or I don’t remember. She very well be making a honest statement about her memory.

In all 4 cases I am familiar with the traumatic brain injury occured to the back of the head. Motorcycle wreak, car wreak, stroke. But Hillary has a reputation for throwing and smashing objects with her infamous fights with Bill. We will never know the truth on what cause the injury but I do not believe that she just slipped and fell.

I have seen other subtle signs of seizure like or preseizure problems from her. Did she leave the debate stage because she had to have a potty break. Give me a break. Her constant use of the statement I refuse to answer or give some dramatic response that she will not answer the question. Then her behavior of refusing interviews and free tv time.

If you look back a year ago Bill Clinton tried to get her to retire but a out of control ego will never let herself quit and admit she is not perfect.

Just some info from a old nurse ( Multi-decades and still working ICU)




Despite this David the nurse’s grammar issues, he does make some valid points. If one WANTS to look for signs of neurological damage in her, one won’t return empty-handed.




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