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Report: Most Arrested at Anti-Trump Protests in Portland Didn’t Vote


More than half the individuals arrested at anti-Trump protests in Portland, Ore., did not vote in the presidential election, accord to state records.

Local NBC News affiliate KGW cross-checked the names of the 112 people arrested by Portland police with state voter logs, and found that at least 70 of the protesters who were detained did not cast a vote in 2016. Of those who did not vote, half were not even registered voters.

The records showed that 25 of the protesters arrested did vote in the election, while voting records for 17 others could not be confirmed.

Angry liberals, many of them young people and students, have engaged in protests throughout the country in response to Donald Trump’s victory in the election. Some have burned American flags, while others have chanted “not my president” while causing a ruckus. Voter turnout in the 2016 election was the lowest it has been in 20 years.



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