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Is SNOPES the Ultimate Propaganda Tool? Fact Checker BUSTED for Misleading Readers


We have all done it. Gone to to check whether or not a story running around on Facebook, Twitter or news articles is true, false or a mixture of both. Some people swear by Snopes and tend to base an entire argument over the ‘facts’ found on Snopes. Others question the validity, calling the site a Democratic political tool.

David and Barbara Mikkelson are the owners of They created Snopes with the intention of it being a site to debunk urban legends such as UFOs. Along the way, it turned into a site to prove or debunk rumours of all kinds, from politics to viral scams such as a child born with no limbs, a head on backwards and needing money to fix that mess to missing children that actually do not exist. The range of what Snopes will ‘fact-check’ is never ending. They seem to always be on the latest viral sensation or latest political rumour. employed a ‘fact checker’. The one who investigate, writes up the article and tells you if whatever topic is true, false, or a mixture. Her name is Kim Lacapria. She is not only their fact checker, but a rather colourful writer too.


This lady is a fraud. In this article she openly admits that she is a leftist.

And as an openly left-leaning individual myself, I share the befuddlement many liberal pundits and newsmen and women seem to express in working out, even now, how Obama may have “ignored” Benghazi or why we are supposed to be so angry that four Americans were tragically killed in an attack on a diplomatic entity in a dangerous zone — a circumstance that is tragic, but not a surprise.

She has a long online record of trashing those on the right and praising those on the left. Especially Tea Party members.


She is clearly a huge fan of Bill Clinton’s, calling him the greatest president ever,  while at the same time raging on people for being disgusted at pedophile, Lena Dunham.

clinton lover

She moved on from the Inquistr and moved over to Snopes, where she has taken the reigns of political ‘fact checking’. However, everything she writes on at Snopes, is in defense of leftists and slams the right. Usually with very little ‘facts’ and more opinion. Highly manipulative opinion. She has taken on Hillary and Benghazi issues, whether or not Facebook censors Conservatives to most recently the Orlando massacre.

This broad is a total tool for for the Democrats. She is also a highly dangerous propaganda machine because so many people rely on it for their own fact checking. Interesting to note, Alexa, a site that keeps track of web traffic for websites, has categorized as,

snopes alexa

While many have suspected that is a leftists propaganda site, we now have evidence that accusation is actually true. If you still use their site to fact check the latest rumour on Facebook, you may want to think twice and spend time doing your own fact checking. If you know someone who continually leans on Snopes for backing up their stance on any issue, you may want to share this with them!



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