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Dress Designer Tries to Embarrass Melania – INSTANTLY Regrets It

A dress designer, who is apparently rather fond of Michelle Obama, just tried to publicly embarrass future First Lady Melania Trump. Sophia Thealet seems to be already regretting her rude choice to bash Mrs. Trump.

For her comments against the First Lady, Sophia Thealet was faced with quick and severe blow back on social media. Both Conservatives and Liberals felt the high-end designer had clearly crossed the line of decency.

It is doubtful Melania Trump would have needed help “dressing” from Sophia Thealet in the first place. Her brand was barely a blip in the radar screen before she landed her first truly noteworthy client — Michelle Obama.

Thealet had not even been approached by the future First Lady before she posted her open letter online. Stirring up publicity for her designs was quite possibly her chief motivator for penning the letter to Melania Trump.

Not only did Sophia Thealet state she would deny any request from Melania to make a dress for her, because of the President-Elect’s views on how to make America great again, she also called on her peers to blackball Mrs. Trump as well.

Liberals never seem to notice that while decrying hate, they engage in hateful rhetoric themselves. Liberals are perhaps the least self-aware individuals on the planet.

Social media posters from all political persuasions dubbed the fashion designer a bigot based upon her comments about Melania. She was also called out for so ruthlessly attacking another woman who had never wronged her or uttered a nasty comment about anyone.

Thealet lent gowns to Michelle Obama to wear. Melania Trump cannot only afford her own formal wear, she has long known how to design and sew her own!

In spite of Sophia Thealet’s vile comments, designers will likely be lining up to offer their dresses for Melania Trump. The former model likely has a long list of friends in the fashion business who will be eagerly waiting the opportunity to make a dress for the next First Lady.

Michelle Obama has not yet commented on her designer’s rude open letter to Melania Trump. She should do so now in an effort to prove she really abhors senseless attacks on other women, but her husband’s public call for an end to divisiveness.



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